Hidden in the Dark

The Essence of the Dark

Noggs, a maker of illegal drugs, has plans to create a new drug made from Spirit Essence, a rare compound that is rumored only to be held by the Spirit Wardens.

The Skipjacks take the job. The start out at a sick house watching over Morten, a young man who is about to die. Red Ruby, Claw and Needle wait by Morten until he dies. Two morticians come up and wrap the body in linens to take it way.

Flashback: Needle builds a contraption that holds a glowing paint that slowly drips.

The follow the paint to Bellweather crematorium were the morticians disappear into the wall of the building. Needle examines the wall and finds a secret entrance just as men in hoods attack the crew.

Needle throws a smoke grenade but it does nothing and everyone pulls their guns causing the men to hesitate as they are armed with cudgels. Needle hits one with a drown-powder dart. One runs for it but Claw chases him and takes him out but the man breaks his arm.

Red Ruby makes a deal with them that the crew will leave if the men don't chase them and they agree. The Skipjacks manage to get away.



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