Hidden in the Dark

Prison Break

Skip Jacks get a job from Margarette Vale to sneak guns into the prison to Torval, leader of the Billhooks.

Daphnia manages to convince a guard, Grel, to meet them at the door and let the Skip Jacks in.

Upon arrival Grel is not there and the other guards tell the Skipjacks he is on probation. The let the guards inspect anyway and the guards find the false bottom. Toby releases the guns from a quick release bottom and runs for it while Altair fired at the guards.

Altair is able to hide the guns in the hard before he and Altair were caught by the guards.

Daphnia and Orlen regroup and visit Grel at his apartment. They threaten him to deliver a note and a key to open their cell but insists on extra pay.

Altair gets the key and note then meets with Torval and tells him about the guns and escape plan. Torval decides to leave early. As they are about to escape Orlen gets ready to set up a bomb for the next day. Daphnia distracts the guards from Orelen but they recognize her. She pulls a gun to distract them but they fire on her and Daphnia takes a shoulder wound.

Orlen sets off his bomb as Torval leads the escape and everyone gets away.




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